About living environment and welfare equipment in Thailand

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Wooden Thai House on high floor


It is devised to live in tropical regions such as floods and heat. Although there are few things to see in Bangkok, we still have a lot of such Thai houses in rural areas.

Because the living space is 2F, you must go up and down the stairs when you go out.

In Japan, it may be said that "Let's move our living space to the 1st floor!", But it is difficult in Thai house, unless you borrow someone's power, it will be bedridden as it is. It is the same in Cambodia (the article is here).


We can not rent a welfare equipment cheaply like in Japan

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Living space is restricted because you can not purchase or rent welfare equipment at low cost using long-term care insurance like in Japan.

Of course, since home support service (visitor service / visiting service) is not maintained, family relatives and neighboring residents support each other while supporting each other.

In Thailand, pharmacies and so on, canes, walkers, etc. are on sale. Thai people also know that the quality of Japanese welfare equipment is high, so I think how low price we can offer later.

For example, if you buy a silver car in Japan, you will lose all the salary for one month of Thai people. "Do you still buy it?"


Do something with something


We made wheelchair extended brake with broken T - shaped cane. Those that throw away in Japan are also very useful in developing countries. Looking for the core of Saran wrap is also a hard time.


Do something with something (decompression cushion)



image 2

A depressurization cushion for patients with spinal injuries that Mr. Ito, a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer, thought with the workplace while working in Thailand.

Beginning with a rubber balloon, through a condom, now the two-fold of medical gloves used in the ward is the longest lasting and has been improved.

Two layers of medical gloves are put together, careful not to wet the surroundings, put water in half the glove's major diameter (about 20000) and bind them together, make a water bag with a little air in it .

The cushion cover is sewn three-dimensionally based on the pillow cover. In the case of the orange color of the picture, it has a 2 × 3 square grid structure, and a mechanism is to insert water bags in each of three pockets on each side from the slit in the middle.




2007年:藤田保健衛生大学リハビリテーション専門学校 理学療法科 卒業
2010年:日本福祉大学通信教育部 福祉経営学部 卒業
2012年:藤田保健衛生大学大学院 保健学研究科 卒業
2007年:医療法人松徳会花の丘病院 リハビリテーション科 理学療法士
2013年:Phrapradaeng Home for Disabled People 理学療法士(青年海外協力隊 タイ)
2011年:藤田リハビリテーション関連施設臨床研究会 優秀発表賞
Anatomy&Physiotherapy(Facebook)A translator on Tuesday in japanese page
SIGNALリハビリ勉強会 運営スタッフ(国際部担当)
日本理学療法士協会HP 国際コラム担当


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About living environment and welfare equipment in Thailand



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