Current situation of leg orthosis in Thailand

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Difference between Thai and Japanese short armpit orthosis


This is a picture of a short leg orthosis made by Japanese prosthetic orthotist and Thai technician (no qualification). Can you tell which one is made by a technician in Thailand? The back brace is a used technician in Thailand, the front is a used secondhand leg prosthesis made by Japanese prosthetic clipper who sent it from Japan through the project "Rehabilitation tool to developing countries?" Project.

It is completely different, is not it?

After all, in Thailand I have made brace, but it is not happening at all and the case that it does not become usable often happens. This is the same in Cambodia (Article in Cambodia).

In addition, physical therapists in Thailand have little knowledge about orthotic therapy, and even with the treatment approach against stroke, training with wearing orthotics is few.

Is there no CPO in Thailand?

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The national examination of prosthetists / orthostists also took effect about five years ago. School is only in Department of Prosthetics and Orthotics at Mahidol University School of Medicine in Thailand. There are about 100 graduates to date.

Although some people were originally technicians and passed the national exam during the transitional period, the number is overwhelmingly short.

Prosthetic orthotist who passed the national exam has knowledge and technology comparable to Japanese prosthetic orthotist, but since there are few people and few are working in the capital Bangkok, it seems that the orthosis suitable for the patient is pretty good in the district There are present conditions that can not be fabricated.

Also, in Thailand, prosthetic brace companies do not operate as they visit hospitals and facilities as in Japan, and prosthetic orthotic preparation facilities are installed in hospitals.

In other words, those who can not go to the hospital can not, in principle, produce prosthetic appliances.

If you have a handbook with a disability, you can make it free for plastic short ankle orthosis because assistance comes out, but self expenses will occur depending on things.


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Current situation of leg orthosis in Thailand



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