Physical Therapist (PT) Education in Thailand

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There are classes of Thai traditional massage

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Some schools incorporate traditional medicine such as Thai traditional massage as an elective subject.

However, looking at the trend so far, it seems that it is not quite easy to introduce it at all training schools without accompanying evidence.

Still there are therapists who choose Thai traditional massage as a treatment option. By the way there are massage shops all over the city in Thailand.

The photo shows elderly volunteers are doing Thai traditional massage.

There are few practical lessons


In Thailand, because of the lack of the number of therapists, it is rare to do rehabilitation one to one like Japan.

Furthermore, although there may be influences of traditional medicine and physician medicine, there are few teachers who can evaluate and treat patients by touching, and it seems that students are not able to learn much in pre-graduate education.

Many Thai teachers have a doctorate but many teachers have no clinical experience. Inevitably more classes on the desk become.


Less amount of English lessons


We are focusing on international education towards integration of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

As a result, the number of units in English is so large that the curriculum includes English education time about 5 times as much as that of Japanese training schools.

Although there are few people who can speak English in Thai citizens as a whole, Thai physiotherapists receive the impression that they can speak English than Japanese people.

If you can speak English and read it, information from English literature is easy to obtain, it is a big weapon.





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2012年:藤田保健衛生大学大学院 保健学研究科 卒業
2007年:医療法人松徳会花の丘病院 リハビリテーション科 理学療法士
2013年:Phrapradaeng Home for Disabled People 理学療法士(青年海外協力隊 タイ)
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Physical Therapist (PT) Education in Thailand



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